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This page is our weekly progress log for the Greg Moore re-conversion and refit of the Model 60 Long range sportfisher 1994 Mikelson yacht 750 HP 24 knot as of May 13th 2015.
All new engines, mechanical, electrical, appliances, gel kote and paint will be 100% restored and the hull core readied to like new condition.  Sea trails to commence upon completion. 

        Greg Moore's team is doing complete refit down to hull. Project begins Feb 24th, 2014 at the Host shipyard Neilson and Beaumonts shipyard on shelter island and is Estimated to take 16 months and cost $210,000 cash plus one and half year of the engineers time and 4000 additional man hours to make her beautiful again. Thats $300,000 hard solid new boat build effort as of May 13th 2015. 
      Boat Yard San Diego will facilitate restoration after Shelter Island Boat yards Wayne host crane and engine removal services. Naval Architectural support by Dick Peterson and his knowledgeable staff of brokers at Mikelson yachts. 
    Diesel Engine technical support by James Garcia of Hawthorne never materialized, nor did support from valley diesel the MTU dealer  nor did a half a dozen top diesel engine consultants and especially ricks machine shop they all sucked. We were on our own.  So we hired from MTU of germany the shop foreman Hans Fuhrer and we bought our own diesel engine shop for close to a quarter million dollars for just the tools. A year later we are in full production with several other german diesel rebuilds underway. We quite possibly may have the best engine rebuild shop in the county right now. Other major engine sales agencies are asking us to rebuild for them. We like offering the heavy material handling and machine shop capabilities all in house. 
     Painting and hull surface coating by Moore Marine. All electrical engineering provided by San Diego Boat Electric
mikelson yacvht restoration san diego yacht repair greg moore shelter island boat yard
shelter island boat repair by Greg Moore professional marine engineer, surveyor and yacht builder

Greg Moore report: Electrical rewiring was main focus of this time period. The engineer felt the engine work needed to stop and fire protection was more paramount. The decision was right. There was a fire nearby on april 10th 2014 9;50pm harbor island west marina. From across the channel I could only watch a sail boat burn and catch another power boat on fire. They sit now on the bottom on bay. 

  Fireman cut holes in them and sank them because the fire wouldn't go out. Not to get off track but after the electrical started and sparks were flying, the electrical sparks never subsided. Everyone saw lots of blue hot arcing. Far too many people claim they do electrical.
  Beware: Most this author has met can't recite the most basic electrical formulas. Theories can;t be taught on the docks or on a boat. Since you can't see electrical like wood, glass, steel or fluids, it's all theoretical and pure math to 99.999% secure your electrical and electronics from damage. 
  We only use electricians who would make the very best land based residential or commercial electricians or even land based electrical engineers look like neophytes.  
 Good electronic tech's can get lost on a good size boat bigger picture. I have found offshore high tech failures more a problem of techs not being great fabricators or aware of the abuse or need for serviceability at sea. However, if you supervise them correctly, while electronics guys usually can't wire the boat up, they can figure out stuff that seams like a mystery. SDBE is 35 years old, they have both and this report will end the valuation of those services and carry on the work. 
 The Sea Star project is going after zero mysteries. We are seeking to work much harder to make things better by simplifying. Modifying hull or walls to fit todays off the shelf and most modern electrical components, while eliminating all the electrical that was in contact with salt water. This way we are ensured our only worries when under way out to see are mechanical and structural. You must understand that when electrical and electronics are completed the third approximation and we know it and verified it to be so and still hit coast guard and maybe a little ABS regs, then electrical is one of the few areas on what should be every boat, in which you then do nothing and leave it alone. No maintenance for the life of the boat other than some batteries and light bulbs. 
  Its well worth changing anything or everything Mikelson did to get it right. We have already evaluated from an engineering stand point the electrical is not the strong point of these fine boats. Its the weak link and now we can change that with modifications and upgrades inserted into just the right spots in the boats system.   The electrians http://sandiegoboatelectric.com It;s better than going through the boat yards or shelter Islands chain of command in this specialty. Efficiency is everything. Anyone who has made the mistake of going to sea after hiring the wrong tech or builder or engineer will tell you, ELECTRICITY FLOATS BOATS
   Two well know techs learned from their dads and get lots of work and wire boats to look good but they could not pass a marine technician first class FCC exam without a couple years of study. They would have to sub out a circuit board design or any real electronics to electrical automation and logic control. We like the guys who wrote the book on marine trons. 
   What they did THIS PERIOD: 
1. Got port engines all the way down to open blocks and had all remaining fluids and lubes removed from crank cases and filled again with oil while we stop mechanical work to finish electrical safety standards. This will protect investment and neighbors property while allowing full time crew or guest to use boat as fully operational except for propulsion. Mtu parts and repair research is still underway. 
2. modified guest toilet eliminating PCB timer and controller and using remote switch to activate solenoids for flush and water or just water independently. This will be simpler for operator while vastly improving reliability. Plans are underway to modify master stateroom head with same components for swapability. 
3. Tons of cleaning and general hull interior prep continues 
4. Fluids were removed in 8 5 gallon buckets and remianing sucked out with sealube. 
5. AC top deck 500W flood lights were restored to function well and will get painted when boat is prepped. 
6. Wheel house DC and Salon DC selector switches were completely changed and all bug lugs restored on cable ends. Any satisfactory ends were fluxed and resoldered, 
7. Engine research, size charts, ongoing surveys, coast guard documentation completion, marina switch, insurances and many more administration task were completed. 
8. Replaced tank tender components, all tank level indications normal. 
9. Main panel meter change and illumination work completed, new current shunt installed. 
10. Since all lights were ruined and all switches destroyed and none of the wires labeled a good amount of time was spent to remove every light switch on boat and plan for the replacement of 35 switches in 11 multi outlet areas. These include traveling circuits like 3 ways and 4 ways and undoing the combining of AC and DC into one switch box which the builder did and our engineer eliminated. 
11. Valence lighting: salon valance lighting was completely replaced with a combination of incandescent and modern LED light bars all on 12 volts. 
12. The galley had 4 lights replaced and three switches in process of being replaced and will be completed this week. 
13. All overhead recessed down spots were removed from boats. 
14. All exterior floor lighting and over head dome lights were removed and replaced with better and bigger fixtures and LED lights used where deck floor lights of the old stern light type were being used. This gives much better lighting, lower current draw and is spec'd to last much longer as the other type were DC bayonet and prone to corrosion on light bulb contacts. 
15. Changed to LED blue water proof back deck upper level floor lights.
16. Wheel house deep inspection and work specification. Engineering work prior to beginning wheelhouse refit.   
17. Electrical switch spec and lighting material procurements. Special orders for the agua signal monte carlo series which are 24 of our over head incandescent lighting. each being only 5 watts and many more switches than a house has to control more area portions of the over head lighting.
18. Engine room light fixtures of a newer more rugged home depot supplied watertight high light output and lower power draw units were installed around engine room perimeter. These fixtures were $180 each and twice what a normal fluorescent fixture cost to get the LED benefits.
19. In processes of redoing the hydraulic hatch lifts 
20. About 20 hours were spent this period doing further surveys down inside the deepest parts of the electrical.
21. new engine room light dome of same type stainless for DC backup lights were replaced in engine room. 
22. Engineering completed for the removal of DC main buss engine room high current selector switches. 
23. Both Bait tank lights were restored and a switch eliminated making the breaker on the main panel the switch. 
24. The engine room lights both AC and DC had a switch added to salon entry matrix by cutting new 4 gang box into wood. 
25. Materials and tools brought to boat for interior varnish work. 
26. Removal of over 45 light fixtures 
27. Galley hatch cover repaired.
28. Engine room fuel and oil in bilge removed, holding tank evacuated by vendor
29. Cleanliness of work areas while in restoration mode is mandatory for safety and fire protection. 
30. Over 100 electrical terminal ends and wires for lighting were replaced. 

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Photo Progress for refit project #004 for 2014 
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boat electrical in san diego by greg moore of san diego boat electric .com 619-218-1018
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Diesel engine repair by Greg Moore mechanic marine tops in field 619-218-1018 Greg Moore
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MTU diesel mechanic Greg Moore chief marine engineer san diego california, Head and fuel systems too
complete diesel engine rebuild by Greg Moore Marine 619-218-1018
Professional marine engineering task
1. Ready boat for refit
2. Remove all damaged electrical 
3. Remove damaged engines
4. Repair boats interior hull core
5. Fabricate new canvas flybridge
6. Paint boat
7. Redo exterior teak decks
8. Improve all systems to 2014 type
9. Redo interior wood
10. Redo all hatches and hinges
11. Redesign deck drainage
12. Change all appliances
13. Change all electronics
14 Modernize electrical 
15. Add high tech subsystems
16. Redo all fishing systems
17. Cut foam for bed and sofas
18. Redo all fabrics and curtains
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