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This page is our weekly progress log for the Greg Moore re-conversion and refit of the Model 60 Long range sportfisher 1994 Mikelson yacht 750 HP 24 knot as of May 13th 2015.
All new engines, mechanical, electrical, appliances, gel kote and paint will be 100% restored and the hull core readied to like new condition.  Sea trails to commence upon completion. 

        Greg Moore's team is doing complete refit down to hull. Project begins Feb 24th, 2014 at the Host shipyard Neilson and Beaumonts shipyard on shelter island and is Estimated to take 16 months and cost $210,000 cash plus one and half year of the engineers time and 4000 additional man hours to make her beautiful again. Thats $300,000 hard solid new boat build effort as of May 13th 2015. 
      Boat Yard San Diego will facilitate restoration after Shelter Island Boat yards Wayne host crane and engine removal services. Naval Architectural support by Dick Peterson and his knowledgeable staff of brokers at Mikelson yachts. 
    Diesel Engine technical support by James Garcia of Hawthorne never materialized, nor did support from valley diesel the MTU dealer  nor did a half a dozen top diesel engine consultants and especially ricks machine shop they all sucked. We were on our own.  So we hired from MTU of germany the shop foreman Hans Fuhrer and we bought our own diesel engine shop for close to a quarter million dollars for just the tools. A year later we are in full production with several other german diesel rebuilds underway. We quite possibly may have the best engine rebuild shop in the county right now. Other major engine sales agencies are asking us to rebuild for them. We like offering the heavy material handling and machine shop capabilities all in house. 
     Painting and hull surface coating by Moore Marine. All electrical engineering provided by San Diego Boat Electric
mikelson yacvht restoration san diego yacht repair greg moore shelter island boat yard
shelter island boat repair by Greg Moore professional marine engineer, surveyor and yacht builder
Mikelson 59' Model 60, week 2 complete shipyard pro retrofit

Week 2 Mar. 2-9th

   Pumped out bilges and side areas. Installed new bilge level float switch. Changed the AC emergency bilge pump to DC power supplied normal aft bilge pump for much higher volume pump out. Rain water leaks into bilge identified. 
   Professionally cleaned inside forward cabin and under bunk and decks. Professionally cleaned flybridge. Professionally clean tuna tower and top of flybeidge deck. Steamed cleaned all walls, cracks and crevices for pest control and final sanitation. Cleaned off 7 months of exterior grime and examine hull paint while cleaning exterior hull and flybridge. 
    Admin and insurance work for bank. 
Engines port, removed all heads, valves, turbos, air intakes, exhaust manifolds for replacement. Inspection of cylinders determine all cylinders will be replaced with new due to water damage. All cylinder walls new. All turbos new. Send all individual heads out to top machine shop for valve and head job. All parts look brand new since both engines were rebuilt but we are doing complete rebuild. 
   Generator sound shields cleaned, salon windows cleaned, aft deck deck lockers cleaned and wing lockers cleaned. All stainless rubbed and buffed. Outriggers repairs begun. Main galley refrigerator replaced with new. 
   Electric salon outlets renewed and enabled. Shore power male deck plug replaced with new. Shore power inlet wires stripped back 6 inches and renewed to new shiny copper. Window screens worked on. Microwave replaced. Shire power inlet selector high power rotary switch replaced.  
   Clean lower aft deck area and upper aft deck and aft deck head. Stowing away all good materials left on boat and discarding anything opened, used or wet. Completely, steam clean all wood seats bases and bed bases in staterooms. Return all deck and seat covers, hatch overs and cabinet shelves after steam cleaned. 
Engine analysis: double checked by MTU specialist consultant who reviewed and analyzed the disassemble of both engines. 

MTU sea stars engine details, 

Opened up the engines, we are safe. Meaning the cylinder sleeve are changeable that means we can use this block and do in place rebuild and have the MTU brand stay. I now see why they cost so much, Now that this top MTU mechanic is bringing me up to speed on these exact models, I can see why they are 150K new. These are built to fix fast a million times and run for 400,000 hours. So much engineering and mechanical adaptation that the heads of every cylinder has its own head instead of a row. These disassemble easy and the way they have every 12 pt bolt, its a race engine designed for pit stop fast repairs not requiring machines or cranes. I've never seen anything like it. They also dont have a ton of high tech sensors, very basic. Plus now that I see how these MTU which was mercedes back in 1994 before Rolls Royce bought them work, I easily see why they are considered the very best in marine. They are also the newer (tier-two CA. air pollution) std. 4 stroke. and when all things equal should always sell first over Detroits, Cummins, Cats, Yanmars or .Volvos

for both engines total these parts will be needed Engine Parts list, 

16 cylinders 

16 sleeves

16 heads machined 

16 new valve jobs 

32 push rods 

4 rebuilt turbos

2 rebuilt starters 

2 rebuilt electrical start and gauge package 

4 acid washed heat exchangers  

2 acid washed tranny oil coolers 

64 gallons of oil  

32 gallons of coolant 

gasket set x 2  

alternators rebuild kits  

4 tach senders 

8 electrical gauge senders 

4 new exhaust components and elbows 

1- Outside MTU specialist/helper  $58,000 parts $22,000 labor $80,000

Replace about 15 little pumps and motors around boat $4500 parts and labor

Replace about 20 burnt out electrical items @ $160 each $3200

$18500 paint, just worst areas, $24,000 total boat like new, not counted here. 

$12,000 interior wood work, could be $3000 but figuring here at 6000

$7000 interior cushions leather 

$1200 master bed

$4000  Fuel disposal and partial refill 

$6000 electronics 

$5000 carpet 

$10,000 new back wood working deck and delam.

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Photo Progress for refit project #004 for 2014 
major boat and yacht repairs in san diego by greg moore 619 218 1018
boat electrical in san diego by greg moore of san diego boat electric .com 619-218-1018
rebuild turbo chargers marine san diego top diesel mechanic Greg Moore 619-218-1018
Diesel engine repair by Greg Moore mechanic marine tops in field 619-218-1018 Greg Moore
marine electric san diego electronics boat yacht installation furuno raymarine simrad repairman
engine exhaust san diego greg moore marine engineer 619 218 1018 , engine repair diesel gas
MTU diesel mechanic Greg Moore chief marine engineer san diego california, Head and fuel systems too
complete diesel engine rebuild by Greg Moore Marine 619-218-1018
Professional marine engineering task
1. Ready boat for refit
2. Remove all damaged electrical 
3. Remove damaged engines
4. Repair boats interior hull core
5. Fabricate new canvas flybridge
6. Paint boat
7. Redo exterior teak decks
8. Improve all systems to 2014 type
9. Redo interior wood
10. Redo all hatches and hinges
11. Redesign deck drainage
12. Change all appliances
13. Change all electronics
14 Modernize electrical 
15. Add high tech subsystems
16. Redo all fishing systems
17. Cut foam for bed and sofas
18. Redo all fabrics and curtains
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