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This page is our weekly progress log for the Greg Moore re-conversion and refit of the Model 60 Long range sportfisher 1994 Mikelson yacht 750 HP 24 knot as of May 13th 2015.
All new engines, mechanical, electrical, appliances, gel kote and paint will be 100% restored and the hull core readied to like new condition.  Sea trails to commence upon completion. 

        Greg Moore's team is doing complete refit down to hull. Project begins Feb 24th, 2014 at the Host shipyard Neilson and Beaumonts shipyard on shelter island and is Estimated to take 16 months and cost $210,000 cash plus one and half year of the engineers time and 4000 additional man hours to make her beautiful again. Thats $300,000 hard solid new boat build effort as of May 13th 2015. 
      Boat Yard San Diego will facilitate restoration after Shelter Island Boat yards Wayne host crane and engine removal services. Naval Architectural support by Dick Peterson and his knowledgeable staff of brokers at Mikelson yachts. 
    Diesel Engine technical support by James Garcia of Hawthorne never materialized, nor did support from valley diesel the MTU dealer  nor did a half a dozen top diesel engine consultants and especially ricks machine shop they all sucked. We were on our own.  So we hired from MTU of germany the shop foreman Hans Fuhrer and we bought our own diesel engine shop for close to a quarter million dollars for just the tools. A year later we are in full production with several other german diesel rebuilds underway. We quite possibly may have the best engine rebuild shop in the county right now. Other major engine sales agencies are asking us to rebuild for them. We like offering the heavy material handling and machine shop capabilities all in house. 
     Painting and hull surface coating by Moore Marine. All electrical engineering provided by San Diego Boat Electric
mikelson yacvht restoration san diego yacht repair greg moore shelter island boat yard
shelter island boat repair by Greg Moore professional marine engineer, surveyor and yacht builder
Boat Repair work during March 17-22 2014 in San Diego

     Added to boat these parts, lots of new electrical distribution cable work. Installed and troubleshooted float and bilge switches and boat had 4 bad ones, no wonder it sunk. Any one one 3200 gal bilge pump would have pumped out more than the dock water hose. But, none of the 4 pumps worked automatically. Only 1 high water alarm was installed and it also didn't work. Boats a nice and unbelievable base but the way the systems and electrical are or were back in 1984 must be improved and more safety features installed. Its not a hatteras or bertram style electrical grade. More like bayliner but I love the way they did everything else. I dont like how thin the wood is back on the back decks. I guess they want to keep weight down but I'm adding much thicker teak decking.     Paint needs redone, I'm in process of planning that and doing it myself. No one can paint a boat like I can and the other painters hate me. Only Miguel Hernandez and Mike Alvarez are confident enough to tell me good job. I owe it to Kim Sage the navy inspector who had me doing those navy boats yacht grade and wouldn't settle for anything but perfection. By the time the last of a dozen boats were done, my lifetime of boat building was complete. I not only had the science of painting but the application and prep behind painting. I know I'm one of the best at building containment cheap and storm worthy for perfect paint. This boat is going to need one. 

    Summary: needed one big battery, a battery charger, a DC 5 GPM water pressure pump, 1500 watt hot water heater element, one stbd engine all most stripped, 80 hrs labor and our MTU consultants time, Started deep into engine room labor. Fixed all 4 bilge pumps auto and manual, two were a a water snake to get to and lay deep in waste., new cracked drain hoses, smoke detectors, pumps, new electrical sockets and GFIs in all bathrooms, soaps, rags, constant clean up and total boat fresh water deep clean far in bilge, all the way up to the headliner. First major rinse. I Readied boat for high pressure fresh water wash down with wood safe orbital tip. Added New lighting on courtesy steps, dangerous without. A new sump pump was added. 

      We filled 8 containers with fuel used to picke engines. Pickling added no value here at all after it sat. this long. You need to over haul engines quick when they sink. these engines must be taken down to bare block now and the engines were just rebuilt prior to sinking. Good thing these MTUS are made for overhaul. I'm super impressed with constriction of the engines and the mix of steel and aluminum. Now that I have it stripped down, I can see the beautiful new work someone did. But almost all of it will need redone. New work that has rusted and isn't the perfect can;t stay. These engines problem's can start at the tear down stage. Absolutely everything must be perfect with these engines. Mtus are amazing but exacting and you better know what your doing or you can spend $80,000-90,000 dollars and just have to do it all over again. Now your at $120,000 and kicking yourself in the ass you didn;t hire a professional marine engineer. I might not know MTus but I know enough to check ten times with every engineer out there before I make a move on any engine assembly component. its like surgery and its done once by the book, to the tee. 

   I Added 2 approved fire extinguisher. new maceration black water waste pump. New pump out, toilet parts. One month working shipyard slip storage fee, Lots of parts travel. Coast guard fees paid by sdbe. Facilitated, about 180 hrs labor thus far into it... 

     Tons of salvage clean up below decks is done well but alot is still to be done. Small pest problem arrested with fresh water rinsed of entire boat. Total boat soaked and rinsed and salt free-ed. 

      Cleaned out far back in bilge the salt water stuck in stringers. There was tons of creatures of the shallow lagoon in the salt water trapped in air ducts, behind stringers, I was covered in them so a deep cleaning and total ridding of the bilge dirt and smells and bugs was washed out over a period of two days. Its planned to do up top and pull headliner and high pressure wash in shipyard.

      Way down in the bilge back in the hardest spots is where all the trouble I'm finding is at and I am fixing it in all type of isometric work out positions. 

    The boat was left open for a long time so it also has no-ce-ums which are also almost gone. Our big ventilators pressurizing the cabins interiors is working the best. I may have to pull down headliners.

     More engine and the need for new paint plus new minor discoveries I have re-estimated the project cost now to be at $240,000. plus 4500 hrs entrepreneur labor, plus all outside contractor labor. These engine parts are very heavy. You need three guys on some days to move them in and out of engine room safely. You need 4 guys to paint. One engineer. It's not cheap and living on a boat cost a lot more than living on land in money and time. You must have a passion for being out on the high sea's alone watching, studying, learning, or on the hunt for big game food. 

   All 4 diesel fuel tanks tested zero water. I guess the way it sank, fuel was coming out and nothing got in. Same with Sea Stars fresh water and black water systems. END>>>>

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Photo Progress for refit project #004 for 2014 
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Diesel engine repair by Greg Moore mechanic marine tops in field 619-218-1018 Greg Moore
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MTU diesel mechanic Greg Moore chief marine engineer san diego california, Head and fuel systems too
complete diesel engine rebuild by Greg Moore Marine 619-218-1018
Professional marine engineering task
1. Ready boat for refit
2. Remove all damaged electrical 
3. Remove damaged engines
4. Repair boats interior hull core
5. Fabricate new canvas flybridge
6. Paint boat
7. Redo exterior teak decks
8. Improve all systems to 2014 type
9. Redo interior wood
10. Redo all hatches and hinges
11. Redesign deck drainage
12. Change all appliances
13. Change all electronics
14 Modernize electrical 
15. Add high tech subsystems
16. Redo all fishing systems
17. Cut foam for bed and sofas
18. Redo all fabrics and curtains
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2420 Shelter Island Dr
San Diego California 92106