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Hull and Bottom WOOD, STEEL, FRP (fiberglass), ALUMINUM, Ferro Cement HULL and bottom's by:  Greg Moores email

Repairing a damaged boat hull can be fairly simple or extremely difficult, depending on the degree of damage to the hull, as well as the hull composition (i.e. wood, fiberglass, aluminum). Most modern boats are made of fiberglass, and the majority of damage sustained to them are minor cracks and chips. Larger repair jobs should almost universally be done by a professional like Greg.

Insurance claims and marine collision estimates are not free. It takes considerable time  to do even a small ding. It might not take all day but it could take an hour or so for serveral days straight to allow paint, primer and curing times. So careful thought must go into an estimate. Often if an estimate isnt done by te boat builder or a project foreman who as seen hundreds of repairs it will be underestimated. 

Once your hauled out, you will have to pay for all extras they forgot to include or get a bad job or not get boat back until you pay. Its very important to use seasoned veterans and every yard will require they have the boat yard named additionally insured. Boat yards on port property are good at these repairs but can only offer about 4 hours per day efficiency per worker and you pay for 8. 

Greg Moore Surveying Hull and bottom of Azimut and examining new volvo penta Independant propellsion control where each prop leads rudder and turns togethere as one unit for mono rail feel turns. We did turn at 30 kts on chop and it gripped like ice skates. Counter rotating props eat kelp and line for breakfast. Ask greg a question about hull and bottom jobs.
HOW TO: small hull fiberglass repairs. 
Boat yard and boat repair San Diego plus hull repair. Get bids from boat yards for hull repair or boat repairs. Boat yards doing boat repairs isn't your only choice. Hull repair is an art and not all boat yards staff and use subs so why not go direct to boat repair specialist and control your cost. 
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