Greg's more than sportfishings fleet engineer,  He's san diego's sportfishings best friend. 
24/7 Reliability just what fishing boats. 

     Moore's also himself sportfished in almost every major North American and Mexican waterway. Have your fishing boat set up by the very best.  
(rt. Gregs 1st marlin cabo 1985 on Missbehaven)

Sportfishing and your boats marine engineering 

Fuel- Systems operational and experience with boat performance coupled with good tanks, filtration, fuel pressure and proper fuel intake are all variables which change often. In your fuel loop from fill inlet to engine, there needs to be clear flow from the inside of the tanks pick up tube to the combustion cylinder. Fuel transfering systems where applicable need to be working and back up fuel filters need to be ready. Fuel calculations need to be 66% of tank, leaving 1/3 full once home. Fuel treatments like lucas oil products work well. 

Safety and Life at Sea 
Gps position, back up paper charts, 2 vhf antennas, GPIRB, long range communication like sat phone, ssb. Good working bilge system, plenty of extra water , batterys topped off, engines checked and fluids filled, check in time and destination plan, good working autopilot and an engine failure plan. Fire drills and man overboard drills or at least instuctions for guest with experienced crew. 

Bait - live hot bait. Make your live bait tank system bullet proof. Have a flow alarm or pay carefull attention to tank flow. Plumb system to have two thru hull inlets and strainers in the event one clogs. Have a back up pump, I use one AC pump and one 12VDC pump with suttle valve flow control. Tank flow should fill up tank in 7 minutes. Ensure all DC components get bonded to zincs and if you make any valving manifolds make sure it has welded seams. 

Get There- Chart plotters and modern navigation like radar and autopilot are excellent aids to be able to leave at night and not hit anything. Check your engine room and bilges every hour while at sea. Most fishing spots are above banks that are clearly marked on charts but a strike on jogs can happen almost anywhere and at anytime even nightime. First light often produces first strike.
Find fish- fishfinders are the key tool to let you see whats between bottom of boat and bottom like shining a flashligt beam. 200 khz is your beam for shallow narrow focus and 50 KHZ for deep water wider beam. Transuducers if you have room should be big high power 1000W units with high speed fairing blocks to mount them with low cavitational flow. Real fish and targets enter beam aqnd as they come through  beam under boat and then out again they start far get close and then far again making an arching target on screen. Kelp and bottom structure does not appeared arched. 

Caught Fish- now deep freeze them in our custom design freezer boxes. For about $6500 I can turn any fish hold into a deep freeze or refrigerated unit. I also have systems that instantly freeze fish in bags with liquid notrogen flowing around them for safe yet instant cold. I put cameras and under water lights on boats and wire them into recorder so all te action is caught and film and stored for guest to see later. I also make the best sound systems for the party back and plumb our hot water heaters to the engines to have hot shower water without a generator. 
Get Home in comfort. The style and comfort of a boat is long remembered. Interior design, ligting design, air conditioning and ventaltion, heads that work like home and some satellite TV to never miss a game. 
Protect boat.... once your back, try our fresh water engine flush systems so salt water doesnt stay in cooling loop. Or how about are positive displacement high pressure wash down systems with quick connect hose bids installed around boat to wash bllod and salt off. Or why not try are fresh water hose direct to boat methods and fill up tanks at same time. Inspect engines to examine new oil or fluid leak trails and make notes in log book about equipment failures or symptoms of operational bugs. Spray fresh water anywhere and everywhere but reduce pressure around instrument panels, dash, speakers and windlass motors.