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$1499 Sound and Video Special Two zone $1499 exp feb 4th 2013

2- Video Cameras engine room and cockpit, one monitor 

1- 600W Stereo 4 channel amp and

1- 1000W bass mono amp 

1- Marine Subwoofer 

1- Full function controller with aux IPOD input and two zone control with wireless remote.

1. Bass capacitor bank 300 microfarad 24 volt

 with installation of interior and exterior controlled system by Feb 4th.  

Do it yourself Instructions

    • 1

      Let Greg Moore Survey your boat. He will locate areas where audio products can be placed away from the water. Amplifiers can be placed in the engine compartment in the rear of the boat or under the dashboard. Subwoofers can go in the compartment under the seats, cockpits, salons.  The radio can replace the original radio. Midrange and midbass speakers and tweeters can fit into the side panels or under the dash. The farther apart they are the better it sounds. Power power power makes low volumes sound good and the lowest impedance level possible will sound best at lower volumes and give you warm fuzzy feelings at high volume. 

    • 2

      You can also Take photos of the locations you choose and measure the dimensions and email them to Greg. This will help you choose products that will fit in the areas you have selected yourself. 

    • 3

      Lay out the system. Determine where you intend to put all the components and decide how you will route the wires with professional marine audio engineer. How will each zone be controlled? 

      book appt here Book a free estimate and audio sound plan

    • 4

      Contact manufacturers if you want but Greg has the marine audio products narrowed down. I have low price and high end. 

    • 5

      Book a time during December January or Febuary for best rates 

    • 6

      If you have high engine noise then select the most powerful lowest impedance system. 

    • 7

      Choose speakers that have a polypropylene cone. Polypropylene is a rigid material that resists moisture. You can use at least two 10-inch subwoofers. The speakers should be designed for infinite baffle mounting. You can include four speaker separates - either four 6- by 9-inch two-way speakers or four 6 1/2-inch two-way speakers. A two-way speaker includes a midrange or midbass speaker and a tweeter. The more separates you have, the cleaner the system sound will be.

    • 8

      Select a four-channel amplifier that has a specially treated circuit board that enables it to last longer in a marine environment. Rockford, Eclipse, Kenwood, Pioneer, Clarion offer such amplifiers. The amplifier will run hot, so choose one that is stable at a 2 ohm load. Also select an amplifier that has a built-in electronic crossover.

    • 9

      Select a compact-disc (CD) changer controls that can be commanded by an infrared remote control. This allows you to tuck the unit in a dry place, cover it in plastic and still control it. (Keep in mind that an infrared remote control needs a line of sight to the head unit.) A CD player with large buffering for harsh bumps is better when you want to run the boat hard.

    • 10

      best systems allow a music to be played  by one artist in one location and or another artist in other. Stateroom and cabins are best suited for inexpensive cd players and speakers located all right there. 

    • 11

      If your a trailerable boat, Include a second battery to power the audio system and upgrade the boat's alternator and electrical for big bass and long life.

      Greg Moore first class fcc electronics tech, radar endorsement, navy sonar technician and former sea world audio video technician. 619-218-1018