Marine Alarms

Todays modern NMEA 2000 data buss can carry all alarm signals for powerful ships intergration and inexpensive remote monitoring. A 50 point alarm system of today would cost a fraction of what a system this intelligent could do in the 90's. 

Monitoring points can be the brodge or any cabin. Flybridge, email, text or an IPOD application sent to your phone. I did one system with a sensor that could indicate weight onboard. It was so sensitive a captian ashore could tell which crewman leaves or comes onboard vessel. 

Expensive machinery and equipment can be protected and guarded. Personnel can be safer and historys of alarms can be recorded. 

A small boat can have a simple alarm with high water, engine temp, oil pressure and voltage alarm installed for under $1000. I've done navy systems where my bid was 20,000 or more. Just depends on what your protecting. 

Types of alarms
Seawater temp, fire, high water bilge, engine oil, drive oil, generator oil, bait tank water flow, and many more alarms can easily be added once a system is in place. 

My favorite type system is one where I tie in all alarms into a computer screen and install each sender with a j box for easy sender change out. Click to email Alarm System engineer