4th July King and Queen 
Hosted by: San Rafael Place
Sponsored by:
Boat Yard San Diego
Plastic Clothing 
Single Fin Grill 
True Beach
1 RM Performance Gym 
 Go USA-NON profit party. Your cost this event is for rental of front porch, more laborers, tee shirts and better BBQ on beach and is less than 4th july tournament cost in 1990. Bring your happy face.
 Play fair, be supportive. Make love to the camera when it points your direction. Grab someone next to you and make their photo fun too.  Didn't get a picture of you last event, then find the photographer. It's hard for them to get everyone. Also join us weekend before thanksgiving for our charity coed open. 
8am- check in warning: Cleanest white sand, fireworks, waves closest, lifeguards and the mission beach boardwalk at your finger tips but Parking may take 1 hour. People park cars night before and Bike in. Drop off 5 Mins max at SRP. Easy Boat anchor only 200 yds. away bayside. Ask me how to anchor legally in ocean.

Bathroom combo 6969 , lock it after. 
8:00 am check in, first to arrive or to have preregister get better courts
9:01 am Melissa cuts you to alternate. 1st Alternate IN at 9:15
 Note: Farthest court's 1 and 8 switch with closest 3 & 4 courts midway
9:05 Get any ready game started 
11:00  raffle draw prize and best 4th july costume prize announced. 
9:00 am-1am SINGLE FIN grill menu lunch and two free drink tickets. 
2:00 pm Custom Tee shirts handed out. 
11:00 - 4pm player Beer Garden (2 starter kegs on tap, rest of booze is on you)
7:45 final round must start. 
8:30  awards/photo session On beach
9:00 Anthony Cochranes after party and fireworks 

Everyone who joins gets access to beach house and bathrooms, gold plated KING tut medallion with chain, Custom KILL ZONE tee shirts, lip gloss and sunscreen packet, free lunch and two free drinks at Single fins, 4 hr two keg beer on tap. Beach tents and umbrellas at your court. 
Finalist Get:
1st place King and Queen Perpetual trophy and take home trophy, Tons of Plastic clothing.com, rayban sunglasses, hats and more great swank you can use. True beach shirts.
2nd place- trophys, plastic swank, rayban sunglasses, hats
3rd place trophy, Hats 

1. 2 Alternates and subs who show up early and wait or help setup usually get in.  
2. King and Queen play with different partners each game. 
3. (plan B- if courts are shut down, we go double elimination draw and players will play on different court each game)
4. Registering online early helps us in a such a BIG Way, thank you.
5.. Using your card? It's very safe but you must enter CVC, zip code, expiration, digits in your street address and you will see wells fargo greg moore marine on your statement.

Plan on having more fun than mexico. I hear it year after year. Everyone tells me damn this is more fun than mex. Go USA