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 4th July 2015 
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KATHYB/SUSANG Coed Open (weekend before thanksgiving) 
1. Brett Allard 
2. Brad Bultler 
3. Anthony Cochrane 
4. Bobby Conglaton 
5. Tim Colby 
6. Aron Daria  
7. Eric Eastman 
9. Jamie Fehnsenfeld
10. Mike Fitzgerald 
11. Tim Fuerher Beach 
12. Jon Foss 
13. Jay Gousman 
14. Pat Hargraves
16. Wesley Hasten 
17. CJ Houston 
18. Nick Jimas 
19. Antonio Johnson
20. Dave Kamena 
21. Kyle Kennedy 
22. Stephen Ko 
23.  Dan Bergus 
24.  Phil Murray  
25. Quinn Myers 
26. Dieu Ngu 
27. Erik Pearl 
28. Mike Petrosky 30 cc 
30. Dave Root beach
31. Kiel Smith Booked flight 30/
32. Tyler Whalen 30 beach (no house)

WOMENS 2014 
Women's online registration confirmations nov 19th :  Honorary Chairwomam Kathy Briedenbach (Kathy B)
1. Gabriela Amaral 30 sending check no house
2. Tasha Bishop beach $30 nov 17
3. Victoria Bowman 30/20 cc tourney, 20 beach check
4. DeJae Collins 30/20 cc 
5. Rachel Elseholz
6. Kristen Frick 30/20 beach
7. Marsha Gee 30 beach no house 
8. Lisa Grendelli 30 beach 
9. Angel Gutierrez 30 CC no house 35 vegiburgers 
10. Melissa Hinkley sponsor
11. Debbi Lozon 30 cc no house 
12. Jen Mase $30 cc no house
13. Kerry McManemy 30 CC no house 
14. Jamie Marvin CC no house 
15. Aileen Mendoza beach 
16. Amanda Miles 30/20 beach package 
17. Sierra Neudecker CC 40
18. Wendy Neri 
19. Dominique Ozoa sponsor 30/20 CC
20. Linda Raichle 30 no house 
21. Laura Ratto Paid check from AVP
22. Rene Richey 30/20 beach package comp sponsor
23. Nina Santiago 30 beach 
24. Gabrielle Saysmone 30 cc no house 
25. Cheriissa Wong 30/20 beach package 
26. Sandy Yeh  30/20 CC 

Kathy B at San Rafael Place 2012  
The Kathy B true Diaries Story 
Kathy Briedenbach was a SDSU alumni and first came to Pacific beach around 1985 from South Lake Tahoe to get her teaching credentials. Her mom Val worked as a very skillful blackjack casino dealer up north in Lake Tahoe. No one can say enough about Kathy, not even me. Kathy was a rare gem and seriously a one in a zillion type woman.     
    Kathy later married and went to Texas for a spell, then returned as the gym teacher and volleyball coach at south Lake Tahoe and down in Nevada at Whittel High School. Kathy's gift to anyone and everyone was her smile and laughter. That entire school through a big ceremony and expressed how much they missed her. Balloons filled the air. A veteran of love. 
   I met Kathy at Mesa college and we dated then became roommates for awhile. I got to know her and trust her like family. She loved my son. When we met I was new and just out of navy. I was newly divorced already by age 25 but man did I have a crush on Kathy. Kathy was my first look into what a women in general should do and act like based on my upbringing. I didn't know then just how rare kathy was. I didn't know God made only one of her.
    I think because I was a dad and already out of navy so young, her first look at a real serious man near her age and influenced by many cultural songs and dance and crowd pleasing. Girlfriends after Kathy had the tough job of trying to measure up to the high standards and ethical bar she set without trying. I learned and watched so many of her actions and use some of her mannerisms today.  She had the brightest sunburst brown eyes that opened wide and lit up everyone's heart. 
    Kathy was learning from me too but I could never learn to express the amount of joy she left behind. Few are born with what kathy had. She could have been a movie star she was so well loved. Only the good die young. 
     Kathy left behind a generation of students who she infected with athleticism, hope and joy. Kathy was also an extremely accomplished skier. Growing up in Tahoe skiing Kirkwood and after starting out on heavenly s ski team, she rocked the mountain. She said i got her to love powder and show her tree skiing. She started me on my quest to learn to be an expert in cali then take it to another level in utah to surpass her great local ability and advantage. 
   Kathy also had tons of other friends after we faded for a bit and went onto to meet many SDSU triathletes and had lots running friends which she loved. I met alot of her friends several times, they were no Kathy.
    Kathy had some bad luck. She first was the victim of a horrific motorcycle accident which wasn't her fault at all. Knocked off the road up at South Tahoe. It left her severely inured with a severe brain injury that she eventually overcame. The picture above was about a year after her recovery and we were so happy to see each other. We were so at ease and excited at the same time. It was very uncomfortable for her mate. How does anyone get between a lifetime of trust so deep but that mate tried the whole weekend. Cockblocking a friend lost you some points blockhead.
    We once danced so hard after an oingo and B52s set some random guy comes up and bum punches me really hard in face out of no where. Kathys first instinct was like mine. She screamed top of her lungs and said, kill that guy. I chased him down and let her see me hurt him after he ran into dead end and she ran over and punched him again. Total precum respect for my big bitch right then. 
    Because I was otherwise out of her circle of influence and male, over the many years she would secretly call while out driving alone and tell me everything about all her relationships. She had some she wanted to chew her arm off and others who broke her heart. She would tell me what she told her girlfriends but with me should would get real serious and take it daddy coach level. I hated her boyfriends but coached fairly and helped her often on how to handle them. If she liked them, that was good enough to help her.
      It wasn't long after she recovered from the bike wreck that Kathy was almost all the way back to her old self. I couldn't wait to see her healthy again and was pressing more and more to be closer to her but then the bomb dropped. Kathy's life just as suddenly as she was healing it became all about her fight to cure her cancer and save her life. She bravely fought for almost two years at home but it was too much for even the strongest, fittest, healthiest and bravest woman to overcome. Her mom brought her to see me twice. Not once did she ever tell me she was sick or complain. I was paralyzed with fear about her prognosis and had a hard time hiding it while she was still lighting up rooms. Even with her wig on, you could still tell it was good ol smiling Kathy B. 
    Don't ask me to share her anymore. I shared her long enough with friends and boyfriends and that's fine and what I get for not making my own first marriage work out. But, If I would have known she wasn't going to have any kids we would likely still be together. Bam suckers. Suck on that one. But I was as a very young dad and my life was not in synch with what I hoped would be the perfect family life for her. That's true love, saving her from me. 
    She told me all the time her boyfriends reminded her of me. The men who let her down after for no good reason must be very sad after they found the greener grass was not. Kathy could never pick men right, me included. I'm just a vulgar sailor but she would always call and say Greg he's so much like you but he's missing this or that. Its true suckers. I always felt like I was on her pedestal of unfiltered trust, while she toyed with her boys and girls at the club. I'm signing off as Kathy Bs arrogant but better balanced compliment. I miss you Kathy. You could play my dirty skibum whore better than all the others yet I would be laughing with a huge hardon watching your lovely mouth shovel me down. That's some freaky shit I'll miss about you B. Sorry your others were so gay deep down (her words not mine). lol