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April May 2014

 Started period out with Sheriff's boat out in la mesa. An 18 ft center console fishing boat. A lifes work and dream and a boater demanding hi family be safe. We completely rewired it and outfitted boat with tee top, new gauges, custom dash restoration, new electrical panels, new battery switches, new electronics, canvas and fabricating all the fishing and at sea strengthening. Took two weeks because customer kept bringing more and more boxes.

  Next was a 125 million dollar 203 ft NOAA ship. We worked on bridge installing new scientific sonar equipment. It required we work in very confined space and provide our own gas free engineer. We ran cables down 6 decks and thru MCT cable glands in each bulkhead. The cables had to be run thru an articulating roller assembly and thru a long center board that extends down into water under ship. 
  Next up was a 48ft riviera yacht at Hyatt. Just back from being in Mazatlan for 8 years. The boat had lots of problems. Starting, electronics, batteries, lots of cosmetic damages, and upgrades. We need to fabricate about 7 custom surface mount panels to make the boat look good after Mexico work. The boat fished alot, its a newer boat but 8 years of serious partying and fishing in mexico was hard on the boat. In three weeks, I turned the entire project around and now the boat just got listed and put up for sale as mint. 
   Rebuilt a charger new mar 80, rebuilt a 8010 furuno radar.
We took in a 18 ft center console with hull damage and soft deck and designed an amazing patch when all the other contracts were trying to replace the entire deck making the boat cost prohibitive. I 1 inch horseshoe deck cap was fabricated and glassed and sealed into deck over existing rotted wood under strong thick fiberglass.
  Did the neighbors 72 ft aluminum chris craft electronics. He had every shop in town come out and nothing got done, He asked me what all I did after watching me restore the 60ft Mikelson and I offered to get his furuno cnet radar, fishfinder and other stuff working when three electronics shops said it couldn't be fixed. They lied. It was easy once you worked. I did 6 hrs hard labor and radar is done and works perfect and cnet is getting software update to talk to hub. Jim the owner is very happy as a neighbor of the maine engineer and boat builder should be. 

What we do LOG

March 13th

Panasea Hatteras 65. port engine starter rebuild, port engine fuel bleed, hot water heater replacement, port house bank 32 volt bank replacement, sump pump repair, dingy shifter cables 

Sea Star- Mikelson 60, 18 month $180,000 refit log 

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